On-Demand Training

4 Steps Toward Faster Plan Reviews

Pulling all of our plan review training together: make plan review backlogs, angry phone calls, and development hold-ups go away.


ON-Demand Training

After working with 400+ communities across the country over the past 25 years, SAFEbuilt has virtually written the book on building department best practices. You have spent the past few months learning from our experts how to implement 5-day plan reviews and how to eliminate plan review backlogs. Now our longest-serving Chief Building Official will pull it all together to give you clear next steps for your community.

For this free training, Russ Weber, SAFEbuilt’s Regional Operations Manager for Colorado, pulls from his 20+ years of experience as CBO for a department that consistently delivers 5- to 10-business day turnarounds on plan reviews:

  • Removing the most common delays from your process
  • Establishing empowering goals for your building department
  • Maintaining transparency in your building department
  • Preventing staffing issues from killing your results

Presented By:

Russ Weber

SAFEbuilt Regional Operations Manager,