On Demand Webinar

Say Goodbye
to Building Plan Review Backlogs

Emerge from the mess to help your community be its best.

Say Goodbye to Building Plan Review Backlogs

ON Demand Webinar

Watch this on demand webinar—presented by Kurt Culver. Learn practical ways to dig out of the customer complaints, development delays, and budget burdens that come with building plan review backlogs. In this free session, you’ll learn about the specifics behind:

  • Internal process improvements—to keep your department up to speed
  • Building permit expeditors—to better serve customers and accelerate plan reviews
  • Third-party plan reviews—to blast through backlogs quickly and cost-effectively
  • Flexible ongoing support—to manage changing workloads and provide responsive service

Presented By:

Kurt Culver

Director of Plan Review,

SAFEbuilt (California)